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What patients are saying:

"As a working mother, I was struggling through the challenges that exist in today’s modern lifestyle; among them, having a career, caring for young children, and nurturing my marriage. With Dr Friedman’s thoughtful expertise and guidance, she has helped me learn that prioritizing my mental health can (and does!) lead to a more joyous and productive life, and for that, I am extremely grateful!  She is truly the best."    —M.T. 

"Terrifically helpful therapy sessions. Pragmatic, intuitive, sometimes blunt. High intelligence from this MD, and a big heart." 

-Dave N. 

"Dr. Friedman has supported me for over fourteen years and has been instrumental in my ability to consistently contribute and perform in a high stress/pressure oriented career. She has taught me to breath and learn different approaches when tackling and overcoming the general challenges life offers to us all... I have always been amazed at her ability to bring calmness in my day."

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